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PetSmart, Inc. Reviews

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  • PetSmart Coquitlam BC

    I went to buy 4 dwarf African frogs on sept 5. The girl that help me was so rough trying to net them, my previous experience has been that they are gently caught by hand but she used the net to trap them and I'm sure in doing so injured the frogs. Once she put them in the bag it started to leak so she transferred them to another bag by dumping them all at once and they both hit the counter and each other. I said watch out and the other girl watching her told me she's new here. Well what I ended up bringing home is 2 dead frogs and one that has a limb injury. I called and talk to... More...
    Shelleyann's Picture   Shelleyann    0 Comments   Comments
  • PetSmat Experience

    A friend posted this on Facebook - How sad. - So I was at PetSmart today, and I stopped and watched some dogs being groomed. I have never watched dogs being groomed in a store before, so I don't know if what I saw was "normal" or not but it really disturbed me so much that I took a video. I certainly don't groom my dog in the manner that I saw. I am hoping someone can tell me. I witnessed a small dog being made to stand on its front paws only with her back legs held together straight up in the air while the groomer shaved her underbelly from one end to the other. He then... More...
    MelDee's Picture   MelDee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bathrooms are DISGUSTING!!!

    The last couple times I was shopping at the Petsmart in Ridgemar (Fort Worth, Tx) the restrooms were absolutely disgusting. Between 2 visits in a 3 weeks time frame there were feces on the toilet, blood and foul language written on the walls and yellow toilet paper stuck to the floor. When I informed the employees that the restrooms were also out of toilet paper the just shrugged at me and basically said it wasn't their job and that they would inform the manager and the morning cleaning person. After putting the restroom disaster aside I had also needed information on some dog food.... More...
    chloeluvmama's Picture   chloeluvmama    0 Comments   Comments
  • So much for one stop shop

    I give the vets and their area 10 stars and a bonus! Amber and the rest of that staff is already for whatever comes their way, even if the groomers tell one of their loyal customers that their dogs shots are not update and they are. I selected Pet Smart because of the one stop shop. I can have it all is what I was thinking. My daughter also has a puppy that gets care at the Shreveport location and when it comes to the groomers... Most of them suck with a few acceptations. I think what I find so darn annoying after the vet visit is the fact that they want to have a doggie parent conference... More...
    jmorgan7's Picture   jmorgan7    0 Comments   Comments
  • So much for one stop shop

    I give the vets and their area 10 stars and a bonus! Amber and the rest of that staff is already for whatever comes their way, even if the groomers tell one of their loyal customers that their dogs shots are not update and they are. I selected Pet Smart because of the one stop shop. I can have it all is what I was thinking. My daughter also has a puppy that gets care at the Shreveport location and when it comes to the groomers... Most of them suck with a few acceptations. I think what I find so darn annoying after the vet visit is the fact that they want to have a doggie parent conference... More...
    denise43's Picture   denise43    0 Comments   Comments
  • PetSmart unacceptable cashier encounter

    4th of July my husband and I went to Petsmart on Airport rd Arden to buy some dog food and we took our dog(Leo) with. We have been going to the same store for the last 2 years and most of the time take Leo with as we have a wellness plan with the Banfield inside and like to weigh him regularly. This particular day as I stepped into the store, Leo and another dog(pitbull mix) that was at the register, immediately barked and growled at each other. The cashier/trainer yelled at me "No, get the hell out!!! Get out!!!". My husband had already walked down the fish isle with Leo who was... More...
    ykarsten01's Picture   ykarsten01    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart: Rude Employee

    I recently went to Petsmart in Camillus, NY to purchase a fish. I wasn't exactly sure which kind of fish I wanted, though I know I wanted a fancy fish. I have a 10 gallon tank that is clean and I've had many fish in the past. I've always had good experiences with Petsmart, adopting 2 cats there and a tortoise. I thought I would go there, get one fish and not have any trouble. However, I was wrong. I was greeted by an employee named Cheryl who was working at the fish area at the time. She asked if I needed uelp, and I said yes, I'm looking to purchase a fish. I was... More...
    Fish26's Picture   Fish26    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extremely rude employee.

    Today I took my weekly trip to PetSmart to buy a Black Moor Goldfish. I told the lady working there that I had a 10 gallon tank, and would be sizing up later on. I only wanted to buy one single goldfish. She told me I needed minimum 30 gallons for one single goldfish that grows to be four inches big. She then told me, an 18 year old female with 3 cats and 10 Betta fish, that I was not responsible enough to own a goldfish. As you can probably imagine, this pushed me over the edge. She made it seem like she was very "passionate" about the health and adoption of the fish there, but... More...
    LakeaMarie's Picture   LakeaMarie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart employee was out of line!

    I sent one of my client's in to Petsmart to buy a pinch collar and a double handle leash to work with her large breed dog on pulling when on walks. A Petsmart employee (at the 8970 NW Skyview Ave.,Tiffany Springs MarketCenter, Kansas City, MO location) stopped her and asked her why she was holding a pinch collar and proceeded to give her a 30 minute lecture on how horrible they were and began bashing anyone who would use them on their dogs. She went on to explain that her credentials in giving these "opinions" were 20 years of working in Petsmart stores and that she should... More...
    kariesparks's Picture   kariesparks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible. Will never ever go there again.

    Hi. I went into pet smart today (Manchester, CT) to get two of my dogs groomed. I've been to this store many times and brought my dogs and have always had very good and positive experiences except for today. Today was actually so bad I will never ever spend another time at pet smart and will tell everyone I know possible to never shop there ever again. I also will be calling corporate and making a huge deal of this til something is done. I brought my dogs for groomed (paid over $140 for both). After dropping them off, about 30 mins later I got a phone call from pet smart stating my... More...
    Shaunaleaxo's Picture   Shaunaleaxo    0 Comments   Comments
  • PetSmarts Rude Employee

    today i went into pet smart, and i remember that i had a bag from another store, and knowing how they feel about people walking in with open bag( For Thieft Reasons) i went to bring my bag to the front cashier like it is asked to, the cashier was extememly busy and had no time to turn around to let me leave my bag there, i didnt want to just place my bag there without some sort of acknowledge that the cashier would be watching it for me, and because im only in for 5 min i decide just to go on to grabbing my pet food and returning to cash, now for the second time this employee, that wouldnt... More...
    Smaug14's Picture   Smaug14    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bill manager

    The Petsmart on route 40 in Catonsville Maryland is the only Petsmart I will no longer shop at because of a creepy unprofessional manager named Bill. Not only has he bothered me, as a customer, but I have overheard his loud mouth on several occasions sexually joking around with female employees. I hope one of them comes forward. More...
    KerriWhite's Picture   KerriWhite    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart manager in Catonsville

    There is a manager at the Petsmart on route 40, his name is Bill. Every time my friend and I go in to shop this man stares and follows me through isles. He is very creepy and I try to stay away from him. A few days ago he approached me while I was by myself buying cat treats and asked for my phone number. I told him I was married and he laughed in my face and said that he was too. I walked out of the store without purchasing anything and I will never go back in! This man is ridiculous and even ignored an elderly lady asking for help just to speak to me. My husband wants to speak with him... More...
    KerriWhite's Picture   KerriWhite    0 Comments   Comments

    I had purchased a rat from the store, and after almost two weeks of playing with her and bonding with her, I noticed it had a respiratory infection and took it back to the pet care department in the store to have them treat it. I had to keep calling them to check on her, as they NEVER ONCE contacted me about her condition after many promises to do so. After nearly two months of treatment and being led around and brought to believe that I'd get her back in a few days every few days, I finally got her back. The cage we had lent to them to keep her in was in the worst condition I have... More...
  • Grooming

    I have been taking my shih tzus to petsmart in Fayetteville, nc on skibo road for grooming for last 2 years and never had a problem. My boys just got groomed and I noticed Jedi was uncomfortable after we got home but couldn't figure out why. The next day I noticed his paw was bleeding. After I stopped the bleeding, and cleaned the area I was able to see that his nail was broken off. I called the grooming salon and they apologized and said I could bring him into banfield if needed. I was hoping it want severe enough to where I had to do that but it is not getting any better. Then I... More...
    Mrsbell1209's Picture   Mrsbell1209    0 Comments   Comments
  • Joplin, MO store is lacking customer service

    I visited petsmart looking for a wireless fence system for my dog. The system I decided on was locked in a glass case so I requested help. I waited 15 minutes or more while the girl who was supposed to unlock the glass showcase first helped everyone else who stopped her. I finally left without ever seeing the girl again. I stopped by the store later that week and the fence was out of stock. I waited nearly the same time as before to be helped. I finally purchased it online. The estimated delivery date was three days earlier then the day I actually received it. When the fence system was... More...
    Laurabt's Picture   Laurabt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart store with at least 3 sick birds

    I just want to say, that as a regular customer of Petsmart in Watchung, NJ, I am very disappointed. I came by with my husband to get some bird food, and noticed that they had at least 4 sick finches. One even had all of his feathers pulled out on his neck and face. I immediately mentioned this to a cashier, and she didn't seem to care at all. As a pet store, YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF THE PETS YOU SELL. I will be forwarding my complaint to corporate because these animals should not suffer due to your neglect. If an animal is sick, you isolate them immediately. However, you can tell that... More...
    jmollica's Picture   jmollica    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart hamster

    Bought a hamster a week ago and thought he was a little large for a new one but absolutely fell in love. He sleeps over 20 hours a day and cannot walk properly, he is old. It is hard enough to have a pet that does not live a long time (3 years), but to get one that is already departing is heartbreaking. I have no confidence that these hamster breeders are trustworthy. More...
    Nolan's Picture   Nolan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart, Weatherford, Texas

    The groomer and the manager refused to accept the dog's tag and certification as proof of vaccination for rabies and therefore refused service. Been taking the dog to this facility for over a year. Very poor customer service as they offered no good explanation other than accusing me of making a fake tag with the dog's name on it. Very bizarre policy to begin since they don't believe customers (even when dogs are properly tagged). More...
    laurenzodc's Picture   laurenzodc    1 Comments   Comments
  • PetSmart Grooming

    Was told today that my dog was no longer allowed back to PetSmart Grooming because of anxiety issues. I have taken him there 3 times before this and never had an issue. His last report card mentioned how sweet he was. It was a different groomer and when I asked if he was allowed to back to his previous groomer...she said no. Just upset at the way they handled it. More...
    brookechristl's Picture   brookechristl    0 Comments   Comments
  • rude so-called manager

    I was looking at the engraveable pet tags that were inconveniently placed in a checkout aisle, which was empty at the time. A PetSmart employee came up and said "I need the aisle." She didn't say, "excuse me ma'am, we need to open this aisle because the line is getting long etc etc" which I would have understood and been fine with. Just: "I need the aisle, you need to move or check out." I said "I'm not ready, I am looking at these tags - why, is there someone behind me?" There were two people in line in fact. She repeated,... More...
    Katlen's Picture   Katlen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude associate

    I recently went to the petsmart in Lynnwood, WA two days in a row both days being helped by the same associate named Gabby who was working in the fish area. Not only did she not help us for over 10 min but than when she finally decided she wanted to help me she kept leaving to help others while in the middle of helping me without saying anything she walked away while we were talking to her. Than she wouldn't stop talking about herself. The next day I went back to get another snail and she was busy flirting with who she told us was the new guy. They both stood there talking badly about... More...
    JoAnna24's Picture   JoAnna24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart sells sick fish

    I bought fish from Petsmart a year or so ago. They had ich and infected my tank. Well, stupidly I tried it again a few weeks ago because they are so much closer to me than a reputable fish store (Bluefush Aquarium). My mistake. They had ich again. It's really bad this time. I just lost four ten dollar clown loaches, three last night alone. Not to mention treating the tank with Rid ich isn't cheap either. I will never ever again shop at this store even if it means I have to drive another 10 miles. I complained on the "contact us" link and never got a reply. Great customer... More...
    Poteracke's Picture   Poteracke    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart grooming misery

    I have a 7 year old great white pyrenees who is in need of a good grooming. I called and scheduled an appointment with Petsmart and described in detail how he was old and his hips were not doing to well and the woman said that they could handle everything fine and that nothing would be a problem. Believing her I made my dog, Cosmo get into my car which was not an easy task being 180 pounds and having bad hips. When I arrived at Petsmart they looked at him and said "oh we wont be able to handle him". One lady was more understanding than the miserable girl working in the back who... More...
    halebug10's Picture   halebug10    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sloppy Management

    The red haired manager at the Bozeman, Montana store is just sloppy. He dresses like a complete bum, needs a haircut, and bathes himself in cologne. I commented on his cologne to the cashier and she said laughing, "I know but I don't have the heart to tell him.At least he doesn't smell like b.o." I understand that she is trying to be nice but someone needs to tell this kid whats up. You're a manager, cut your hair, tuck in your shirt, and stop taking a bath in terrible cologne. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Pathetic customer service

    I visited my local Petsmart for buy some goldfish. I stood waiting for someone to help me, for about 5 mins. An employer was standing next to me taping up a back of rock that had been opened, instead of helping me. Another employer had to come over and tell her that it needed to go in the back, and could not be resold. I truely hope this employee Amanda stops working there. Pathetic customer service! More...
  • PetSmart, Poor Management

    Mr. Anthony Vico, who is a manager at the PetSmart in Peoria, IL on Big Hollow Road, proves to be the epitome of what a large company would not want to represent them. My granddaughter, who is 16, took her puppy for a wash and nail clip and didn't know she was signing off on a shearing of her pet. After contacting him with an obvious bad grooming experience, he does a number one no no, he tells me what my 16 yr old grandchild should take responsibility for. He took no approach to say he was sorry for the problem, nor that he would be happy to make me, as a consumer happy. Because I was... More...
    owensallen's Picture   owensallen    0 Comments   Comments
  • not about atdvertising

    I am an employee at the West Ashley petsmart in Charleston Sc. I have some recent issues with my poor management at my location that should and needs to be addressed . Management at my location are not too discretionary about involving their selves in everyones personal life. One of the managers even allows her children to date her employees here . One of them is the support manager here . To me that should be a conflict of interest . But i might be wrong . Where the issue lies is the support manager gets away with breaking so many company policies and rules . I believe they think because... More...
    Starry123's Picture   Starry123    1 Comments   Comments
  • Matthews, NC: New Manager decides she will not exchange defective item

    Very Disappointed with Windsor Square - Matthews, NC Pets Mart. I have been a customer for over 20 yrs at this store buying all of my cat & fish supplies, as well as seeing Banfield Vet for all 4 of my cats. Tonight I attempted to return an Aqueon brand aquarium hood & light that I purchased on 2/23/12 for $44.99. The light does not work - we tried a new bulb & that is not the problem. The light is defective - I do have my receipt & wanted to exchange it but the new Manager on duty tonight would not work with me at all. She told me I had to contact the Manufacturer, which... More...
    cindie's Picture   cindie    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor treatment in Grooming Salon.

    I own a Siberian Husky. I have been bringing her to the grooming salon to get her nails clipped. I warned the employee's about my dogs fearful behavior towards getting her nails trimmed. The one lady put the leash around her neck trying to pull her into the grooming area. My dog was resisting her by pulling back. The employee began to pull more forcefully, causing my dog to choke. My dog was struggling to breathe, and making the struggling choking noises. She would not lighten up on the leash. I had to shout, "My dog is choking!" and pushed her into the grooming area so she... More...
    (Education, Schools)
    SHlover's Picture   SHlover    0 Comments   Comments
  • PetSmart grooming salon

    I have had all three of my Pomeranians claws trimmed from time to time at the store #0529. When I needed all 3 done at once and hurried out of work with my husband and traveled a few miles to the store, we were told they only had my one dog on file and needed proof of rabies shot. I told her that we had them all done there and she said they had no record. Of course, I just couldn't reach into my purse and pull out the vet records again so I asked her to call the vet...I had to ask her, she didn't even offer. Apparently the previous employees had been trimming the other 2... More...
    frugalgram's Picture   frugalgram    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pets bought at poor health

    I am a new fish keeper person and go to petsmart a lot to help me out, though they don't have all the answers so I mostly go online to figure out what's wrong my goldfish had recently died after a few months so I cleaned out the tank completely and refilled it with new water stuck a lovely plant in there with a pH and ammonia checker and a heater (because I was planning to get some tropical fish) I got 3 tequila sunrise guppies. one of them had a funny looking tail (I just assumed that he was just bullied in the tank at the store and thought nothing of it, after all they work... More...
    madaboutfish's Picture   madaboutfish    0 Comments   Comments
  • rude disturbing employee

    I was at a local pet smart with my 5 year old son and we went to gets omething and my boy showed me a product from the storeand then an emplyee said to my son "aré you going to destroy the store ? " i was really offended by to the comment i was going to go to a different cashier but theywere all full so i hadto go to her she checked and laughing told me that my liseness was going to expire i love how all the employees treat us but this ladywas not only mean but having a bad hair day and did not treat us like costumers and was extremely rude More...
    mininomelina's Picture   mininomelina    1 Comments   Comments
  • Manager Treating Associates Like Trash

    I was in the Petsmart on Baltimore Pike in Springfield Pennsylvania tonight, and was appalled at the behavior of the manager on duty towards the associates. The manager in question is a tall, thin african american gentleman, whom I have often seen walking the sales floor on his cell phone during my shopping trips there, but tonight's behavior took the cake. A young lady with medium brown hair was in the pet area taking care of the reptiles and he berated her for feeding them, telling her that she was taking too long with them and that they didn't need attention or food. This... More...
    asrana21's Picture   asrana21    2 Comments   Comments
  • Grooming

    Poor customer service I had a complaint about the grooming area and emailed it and was told someone would get back to me in 5 days it is now a month later and I have followed up 3 times and am still waiting to hear. They say the care but they don't. The poor service was done in the East Hanover, NJ grooming area and the customer service was through their site email. More...
    hcg5's Picture   hcg5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Animal Care

    I recently purchased a guinea pig from a Petsmart in Rochester Hills, MI. It was actually about a month ago and nothing for this little guy has gone right. We purchased him on a Saturday, initially the associate that was helping us box him up seemed to care very little for him. She tore him out of his home with little care and simply handed him over. After deciding we wanted him she placed him in a box that was barely double the size of him and placed him in the open box on the floor with little care of the fact that he could easily climb free of the small box. Then by Monday we were... More...
    CMorgan's Picture   CMorgan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    What's up with Petsmart not processing refunds online in their stores anymore? I had an unpleasant time at the Petsmart Pasadena CA store today when I made a return and found they have gone backwards in time and no longer process refunds online. They are now doing it manually so customers are burdened with having to audit their credit card statements to make sure their credit was indeed posted by a Petsmart's night clerk. There are other less expensive stores like Petco, Walmart and Target that sell pet products and treat customers better - so why go through refund inconvenience?... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    RosaTomsic's Picture   RosaTomsic    0 Comments   Comments
  • PetSmart Bites

    PetSmart Bites! Our family has rescued and cared for abandoned and injured animals for at least 38 years now. Our youngest daughter Karina grew up helping us with these unfortunate creatures and as the years went by she grew to love them and our mission. Karina has owned many diverse types of creatures including a red tail boa, she has cared for a baby dear in Georgia, and she has cared for horses and has owned dogs, cats and other furry creatures all her life. Therefore working at the local PetSmart in Medford at first seemed like the perfect fit for Karina. Currently, Karina has... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    timpi4u's Picture   timpi4u    1 Comments   Comments
  • What the @#%^

    Petsmart, what can I say. Well I just saw the commercial on of a woman taking her 8 week old puppy to Petsmart. That dog does not have all its shot and will likely become ill from Parvo. What really got me was the commercial was about keeping you pet healthy!!!!! Petsmart is one of the worst places to take a puppy that has not had all its vaccinations. I can't even begin to understand to justification of presenting a commercial like that to the public. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    wolfeyes's Picture   wolfeyes    0 Comments   Comments
  • Petsmart / Banfield bad

    Went to Petsmart to pick up some more canned food for my pooch (Petco does not carry this brand) and some Frontline flea product with the arrival of Spring in mind. Our Petsmart has a Banfield Vet in the back of the store, this is where I found the Frontline hanging on a tabletop circular rack marked "Display Only". My thought, "ugh! making this more difficult for me to buy product", told the girl behind the counter what I needed and this Ordeal Began; Asked to pay for it there, not at the front of the store with the rest of my purchases, give my personal info... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    ashl's Picture   ashl    4 Comments   Comments


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