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PetSmart, Inc. Support Ticket - bad service

PetSmart, Inc. Support Ticket

bad service - Pet grooming

Created By: jmorgan7's Picture jmorgan7 Last Reply: jmorgan7's Picture jmorgan7
Priority Level: [Low] Status: [Open]
Created: 3 years ago Last Updated: 3 years ago
Department: General Replies: 0
Product: Pet grooming

I give the vets and their area 10 stars and a bonus! Amber and the rest of that staff is already for whatever comes their way, even if the groomers tell one of their loyal customers that their dogs shots are not update and they are. I selected Pet Smart because of the one stop shop. I can have it all is what I was thinking. My daughter also has a puppy that gets care at the Shreveport location and when it comes to the groomers... Most of them suck with a few acceptations. I think what I find so darn annoying after the vet visit is the fact that they want to have a doggie parent conference and act like my dog was terrified of a bath or brush. Suggestive selling is the point and I get it, but that dog won’t hunt over here. I'm not bringing a 6 pound dog in to get groomed more than once a month nor am I going to pay tons of dollars for a obedience class when this newspaper works just fine. I have small kids and the last thing I want is another discipline report or some doggie-ologist trying to analyze my dog! I am bringing him in for a service and that is all I want. I could see if you noticed a broken leg or cut foot that may require medical attention but that other mess can be saved. My recent visit was so bad that I wanted to slap the girl I was actually interacting with. Her name was Holly. Holly starts off by informing me that im more than likely going to get a call about my dog. I was like excuse me? She said my dog had bad behavior! I said what? I said I was never told that!! They always say dumb stuff like he needs to come more often or he didn't like to be brushed. She also went on to inform me that she couldn't restrain my lil 6 pound dog. I was like what? She was like... I'm under doctors care!!?? I'm thinking why are you here and I thought policy and procedure did not allow her to restrain my dog, whatever her definition of that is. So you can imagine that I was not the happy pet smart customer by this time. My dog was licking her all in her mouth and just all friendly with her.

three hours later holly calls and says my dog bit her 4 times and thast she will never touch " That Dog" again! Says she gave him bath and cleaned ears and took care of nail but she was not able to cut anything but his body. So the part I really wanted done... The face looked a mess!!! She explained that her manager was aware and that instead of paying 40 I would pay 32. I say her walking out eating a bag of chips. This woman acted like I had a 30 pound pit bull that bit her four times! I was just so upset but there was two ladies in there that have dealt with my lil guy before and they made me feel better. They were very sweet and I explained that we were taking our business elsewhere since my dog was bad and a lady name Rachel told me to call and ask for her next time and she will take care of him. I appreciated that but I stopped and thought about my purchases for food, meds, and toys for my puppy and the medical care and grooming money and I'm wasting my money really. I can go to a Vet near my home and not drive 30 mins to their location. To get great grooming services, I can drive straight pass their location and get a complimentary blueberry facial for my baby and one on one care for 6 bucks more. Obviously, im not the only one that has made the switch because when inquiring it was pointed out that pet smart is all about quantity not quality.

Basically my daughter had the same experience at the Shreveport location. They called her to come pick her dog up. He is a puppy as well. He likes his new groomers just fine so obviously the groomers at pet smart are not on their A game. I fell like they need to learn proper etiquette for dealing with customers and communicating with them about their pets. Some folks pets are their kids. Saying your dog is bad or I'm never touching that dog isn't the proper thing to say. If I were the manager I would have fired her effective immediately! You treat people as you wish to be treated and definitely don't make excuses or provide medical reasoning's for not completing a task or doing your job.

Hope this helps :)


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